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In the Danny Phantom universe, ghosts/half ghosts have an ability called overshadowing, which essentially works like possession. The ghost (or half-ghost) will take over the body of the person they choose to overshadow and control it how they see fit. It's difficult to say the full effect that this has on the person being overshadowed, though it appears that any suggestions planted in their minds "stick" once the overshadowing is done (i.e. Danny's mother and Mr. Lancer deciding not to punish Danny when Dani overshadowed them both to make them say that).

The big thing though is that unless they have a pretty strong sense of their own minds and any forces that might infiltrate them, characters will usually not notice that Dani's there, should she overshadow them. Except, that is, if she tries to get a character to do something that they really would not want to do, such as when Vlad tries to overshadow Danny's dad and make him betray his mother, in which case they will be able to notice and fight back against her overshadowing.

Now, Dani isn't going to use this ability a lot, because her current instability means if she tries to use it too much (particularly against someone who fights back), she'll literally disintegrate. And just to make it clear any time that Dani uses overshadowing I will contact you to work out the specific details of how it will go. But just to make thing simpler up front should it become relevant, please fill out the following questions:

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Player Information

Name: Gorse
Personal Journal: [personal profile] gorsecloud
Age: 22
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Other Characters Played: Xion [OU] ([personal profile] attheclocktower)

Character Information

Character Name: Danielle "Dani" Phantom
Character Series: Danny Phantom
Character Age: Physically 11-12ish, actually unknown but presumably <6 months
Character Gender: Female
Original Canon
Canon Point: Shortly after Kindred Spirits
Background Link: I'M NOT SURE IF I'LL FIND A GOOD LINK SO here let me give you a very brief scoop, focusing on the parts relevant to Dani's history.


Okay no let's try this again. When Danny was fourteen, he was inside his parent's ghost portal when it activated, turning him into a half ghost. At the same time, the Ghost Portal started letting Ghosts into his home town of Amity Park, and Danny found himself taking up the role of protector of the city.

Later, his family went to a reunion at the home of their old college friend, Vlad Masters. While they were there, Danny discovered that Vlad - in addition to having an incredible lust for Danny's mom - was in fact also a half ghost as a result of an accident in his college days, an accident that Vlad blamed on Danny's father. However, unlike Danny, Vlad decided to use his ghost powers for selfish and even evil purposes. At the same time, Vlad found out that Danny was a half-ghost as well, shenanigans happened, and under threat of having both of their identities revealed, Danny managed to get Vlad to agree to a truce. This began a very long period where Vlad tried to convince Danny to join him and become the perfect half-ghost son, offers that Danny adamantly refused.

Presumably at some point, Vlad decided that convincing Danny to look up to him as a father might be impossible, and began to invest time and energy in other options. Using the Ghost Hunter suit he gave Valerie, he began to study Danny extensively, and using this data, he began a cloning project. Many of his early attempts ended up as failures. Finally, he ended up with three surviving but unstable and flawed clones - including Dani - and an incomplete clone whom he was putting most of his efforts into perfecting. He came to the conclusion that he needed a mid-morph DNA sample to complete his primary clone, and to that end he sent - one at a time - each of his other clones after Danny.

Danielle met Danny, claiming to be his cousin, and revealed her status as a half-ghost to gain his interest and attention. Using this, however, she led Danny into a trap, and Danny was captured by Vlad and taken to his mansion in Colorado. When Danny woke up, Vlad explained about the cloning project to him, and Dani eavesdropped as Vlad showed Danny his primary clone, and called Dani and the two other clones "imperfections."

When Danny escaped, Dani confronted Vlad about what she overheard, who reassured her that he was attempting to stabilize her and sent her to recapture Danny. When facing down Danny, he tried to convince her that Vlad didn't actually care about her, but she refused to believe him, knocked him out, and brought him back.

Later though, when Danny continued to resist giving Vlad a mid-morph DNA sample, even when one of Dani's fellow clones tried to overshadow him to the point of disintegration, Vlad ordered Dani to overshadow him and force him to do so, even though overuse of her powers would cause the same thing to happen to her. Vlad reacted angrily, and asserted that she existed to serve him. Realizing that Danny was right about Vlad not caring about her, she instead helped Danny to escape and defeat Vlad, aided by the timely arrival of Sam and Tucker.

After Danny returned home to Amity Park and things settled down, Dani popped up one more time and let Danny know that she'll see him again sometime, before flying dramatically off into the sunset. And it's very shortly after that that she'll be arriving in Animus.

Personality: If you're looking for a fretful, depressed little girl, lamenting about her own existence, look elsewhere. For all that Dani is a clone, her status as such has never really bothered her all too much, so far as we can see. She has a fully-functioning sense of separate identity and self-preservation, as shown throughout all of both her appearances. In fact, the only time being seems to matter to her at all is when Dani overhears Vlad calling her "an imperfection," thus planting the seed of doubt that he actually cared about her.

It's clear that to a fair extent, Dani is resourceful. While the amount of time between Kindred Spirits and D-Stabilized is never clarified, it seems fair to assume that at least a few months have passed. And whatever the case, Dani - so far as we know - spent that time fending for herself. She's not above using her powers if the situation demands as well, such as using her hands invisibility/intangibility to scare off a shopkeeper who (correctly) accuses her of pickpocketing in D-Stabilizied.

And yet, on the other hand, she can be a bit naive, especially when those she cares about most are involved or she's under some sort of emotional duress. This shows most clearly in not only Kindred Spirits, when she believes Vlad actually cares about her despite hearing him call her an "imperfection," but also later in D-Stabilized, when she doesn't realize that Valerie is using her to capture Danny as well.

Beyond herself, Dani has a certain amount of loyalty to the people she cares about most. In Kindred Spirits, she is hugely loyal to Vlad for most of the story, refusing to believe Danny's insistence that he doesn't care about her. Later, Dani's willing to use her powers to help Danny get out of trouble. Beyond that, though, Dani is still honestly learning what it means to care for other people. Evidence suggests that she's been isolated for a very long time, and being raised by Vlad doesn't do wonders for one's sense of altruism. That's not to say she's cruel, just that concern for others outside her circle of close friends may take some time to develop.

This ties into how, in general, her moral compass is slightly skewed by her upbringing - both by Vlad and (later in the series) by looking after herself with no real adult guardians. She's willing to help Vlad in kidnapping Danny in order to gain his approval. Similarly, she's willing to steal in D-Stabilized in order to keep her strength up. She seems to know when to put her foot down though, particularly, as mentioned earlier, when her own life or the lives of her friends are put in danger.

Her sense of social cues is a bit of a work in progress, again, owing to her upbringing and her relative isolation. She seems to be a fairly quick learner however, as the fact that she's able to succesfully pass herself off as a believable if slightly nosy and annoying twelve year-old when she meets Danny indicates. She doesn't seem to have any trouble talking with strangers (though true we don't see her talking to almost anyone outside of Danny, Vlad, and Valerie throughout the series) though she can be a little bit awkward at first, depending on the circumstances.

On a lighter note, Dani can be a bit of a prankster and a tease, and has the same sort of fondness for witty banter and lame puns that Danny does. Along the same vein, she isn't always careful with her words or actions, leading to some bouts of rudeness and accidents. She definitely isn't the most delicate with her words or actions.
Abilities: In theory, as a clone Dani has the ability to perform and/or develop all of the same skills that Danny himself has/will have. The abilities that she uses include:
  • Ghost Sense - When other ghosts and ectoplasmic beings are nearby, her breath will visibly fog up, as if she were in an extremely cold environment
  • Invisibility - Fairly straightforward, Dani can turn herself completely invisible. She can also extend this ability to people she is in physical contact with, though this expends more energy and would be limited to around two people. In addition, while in human form she can in theory (based on what Danny does in other episodes) isolate intangibility to a portion of her body, i.e. an arm or hand)
  • Intangibility - She can phase through solid objects, walls, barriers, and people/beings. This ability and invisibility can be used in conjunction, and as with invisibility, she can extend it to a limited number of people she is in physical contact with. Additionally, as with invisibility, it can be isolated to small regions of her body while in human form.
  • Flight - Another fairly straightforward ability. It should be noted that if moving extremely quickly, her legs seem to vanish, leaving only a spectral trail behind her instead.
  • Manipulating Ectoplasmic Energy - The most common form of this is an ectoplasmic energy blast, where Dani summons that energy to her hands and fires them in a beam of energy at an opponent. However, conceivably she can use it in all the ways that Danny has used it, such as making a spherical shield.
  • Overshadowing - This ability, used exclusively in ghost form, allows Dani to enter a person's mind and briefly take control of their body. While overshadowed, a person's eyes will glow green like Dani's do. Whether they recognize being overshadowed seems to be mixed - sometimes they'll notice it, other times not. (Generally it appears the more a person is pushed to do something they really wouldn't want to do, the more likely they are to notice and fight the overshadowing. For instance in Bitter Reunions, Jack noticed and fought against Vlad overshadowing him to force him to wreck the party and betray Maddie, yet later when Danny overshadowed him to fight Vlad and protect his family - something Jack would be much more likely to do anyway - he didn't seem to notice) This ability will no doubt require a permissions post and I will be more than ready to supply one.

However, unlike Danny, Dani is highly unstable as of this canonpoint. This means that an overuse of her powers will cause her to slowly disintegrate into ectoplasm, though she seems to have some ability to literally "pull herself together." This instability will get worse as time goes on, until treated or reset by Tower respawn. Simply being in ghost form isn't enough to trigger any disintegration, and certain abilities - particularly flight, invisibility, and intangibility - don't appear to be too taxing in this regard. However, other abilities, such as overshadowing and firing projectiles, are much moreso, and extended use of either is extremely dangerous for her.

Also, in theory as a Danny clone she could gain access to powers that he doesn't have yet, such as ice manipulation (similar to manipulating ectoplasmic energy, only with ice) and his Ghostly Wail, however her chances of gaining either ability in Animus are negligible to nonexistent, and I'm merely mentioning them for bookkeeping purposes.

Sample Entry: Test Drive, Test Drive!
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